Festival Cruises

management and sales structure

One of the most famous cruise lines in the world, Festival Cruises operated between 1994 and 2004 and mainly used second-hand ships. Founded by Greek entrepreneur George Poulides in 1992, the line acquired three new-built ships in 1999 and 2002. But by 2004, the company had declared bankruptcy, leaving many customers stranded. What was left of the line is uncertain and many are wondering why it was unable to recover its losses.

The company’s success is primarily due to its strong management and sales structure. The multi-lingual crew of Festival Cruises are adept at handling a range of passenger needs. The company has a strong Pan-European vocation, and it caters to their diverse tastes. The cruise line has expanded to 11 European countries, including the Czech Republic, Belgium, and France. In the United States, the company has opened a branch in Florida.

Carnival-operated vessel

The Mistral, which is billed as a music festival, is currently chartered to other cruise operators. In addition to sailing to the Caribbean, the ship will sail two special sailings in Europe this summer. The line will announce the dates for the next Festival Cruises event later this year. For those traveling with families, the Carnival-operated vessel has four-bed cabins with plenty of light woods and a PlayStation device.

The Festival Cruise Line’s first ship, the Azur, was chartered by P&O in 1992. However, the two companies decided to cancel their merger, citing low share values. They would instead order a similar ship, the Mistral, and keep the Festival name. The Azur was an excellent choice for the company and its passengers, but the Mistral is far more luxurious than its predecessors. It was also the first ship to offer an all-inclusive experience.

As for the Sixthman cruise, the Rock Boat cruise has sold out in advance. The ship will carry around 2,200 or 2,300 rock boaters. But there is a chance that the festival’s COVID-19 safety standards could change before the festival takes place. So, be prepared for the inevitable. The mistral will be the first ship to offer a six-week itinerary. Its innovative concept is the first to become a hit on the West Coast.

The Rock Boat festival

The Rock Boat festival is the largest cruise on the Festival Cruises fleet. It was initially scheduled to depart from Genoa in March 1994. The Rock Boat’s crew had no hesitation in postponing the event. Its customers tended to be older than most other cruise lines, and are a loyal bunch of people. The festival is popular with tourists and locals alike, but is more popular with younger audiences. The Shipsomnia Ball is a must-attend for music lovers.

In 1997, festival cruises began operating in Asia. The company acquired a Princess cruise ship, Starward, from NCL in 1995. Its founders renamed the ship Bolero, the first festival cruise in the region. In 1996, the Festival also bought the Southern Cross from the NCL. Then, the second cruiser, Flamenco, was renamed Bolero. This was the year when the company launched the new vessel in China.

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