Style Vs Comfort – The Differences Between Nursing Shoes

nursing shoes

Nursing shoes are a must for nursing women. These shoes can also be worn by women who are not nursing and who just want good comfortable shoes to wear to help them get through their day. Whether you have worn nursing shoes before or not you will find that there are many differences between nursing shoes and regular fashion shoes that you would normally wear. There is the question of whether or not nursing shoes can be taken into the bedroom with you. The answer is yes and no.

Nursing clogs and flip-flops will definitely protect you from the floor and prevent you from getting a nice big bruise on you foot. However, nursing shoes are not the type of shoe that you can simply throw on over your clothes and into your bed for protection. They are made to be very much ergonomic so that they are going to conform to the shape of your foot in order to provide the best support while you are asleep. The healthcare community has even recognized this and has come to the conclusion that using nursing shoes helps to reduce the risk of SIDS by a quarter.

What about when you are actually on the job?

Do you need to have a certain posture while you are working? If so then you are going to need to have the proper footwear to help you maintain that posture. Flip-flops or clogs are not the type of comfortable shoes that you can simply put on over your clothing and into your bed for protection. While these items will make a great example of nursing shoes, medical professionals also have to be very comfortable with regular business shoes that will give them the same support.

Some nurses choose to wear shoes that offer additional support while they are performing their daily tasks. This can range from choosing one that has extra padding to help with extra lower leg pain. Some nurses choose flip-flops instead, since they offer a lot more versatility. Flip-flops are great for beaches and other activities, but they do not offer the same comfort as some other types of nursing shoes. Some doctors choose to wear medical scrubs that offer more support for the legs. These types of scrubs are made of nylon and are much thinner than any other kind of shoe.

style aspect of nursing shoes

Some nurses are not concerned with the style aspect of nursing shoes. They simply don’t care what the design is. The only time that many nurses really feel challenged by the styles of their clothes is when they have to wear orthopedic braces. The orthopedic braces cause discomfort in the lower body, which means that the nurses will need to choose among clogs, flip-flops, and medical scrubs that have added support for their legs.

While the styles might change from location to location, the needs of your body will stay the same. If you have sore feet, you will need to find the best nursing shoes that offer extra arch support to relieve the pressure on the bottom of your feet. You also need to look for orthopedic support so that your back can stay aligned properly. If you have back pain, it is important to make sure that your back has the extra support that it needs.

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