what happened to The COP26 Climate Change Conference and the Earth Summit?

The COP26 Climate Change Conference and the Earth Summit

The United Nations’ COP26 Climate Change Conference was held in Glasgow, Scotland, from 31 October to 13 November 2021. The conference was hosted by UK cabinet minister Alok Sharma. In the aftermath of the Paris agreement, countries have begun to make changes to combat climate change. However, many countries have yet to make these changes, despite many promises made in recent years. Fortunately, there are ways to help slow down global warming and still reduce emissions.

One of the biggest problems

is that the summit is crowded and unproductive, with more than 12,000 delegates. This isn’t a good place for climate talks, because all nations must agree on the action they need to take. The COP meetings have been ongoing for 25 years, and the delegates are hung on every word of an agreement. The COP meeting is the worst venue for climate talks, but the result is a worldwide consensus on a global plan for combating climate change.

Thankfully, the COP26 Climate Change Conference

has a more positive outcome than most people expect. The world has warmed more than 1.1 degrees Celsius since pre-industrial times. Most populated areas will experience irreversible climate change within the next decade. The United Nations says that the world is on track to experience 2.4 degrees of global warming by the end of this century. Fortunately, a few major players at the COP26 Conference have decided to buck the trend and agree on a plan that will be binding on all parties.

The United States, the EU, and India

have tried to force China to increase its ambitions on climate change. They failed to persuade them but acquiesced to China’s demands to “soften” the coal call. The United States’ presence at the COP has heightened the urgency of these talks – especially after the Trump administration. In addition, there were numerous reports of climate disasters and humanitarian crises around the world.

At the COP26 Climate Change Conference

many countries agreed to reduce their carbon emissions. More than 130 countries pledged to become net-zero by the year 2050. While most countries agreed on the Paris Agreement goals, the biggest sticking point has been India’s refusal to eliminate its dependence on coal. The three largest emitters of greenhouse gases, China and India, are the main source of most of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.

The U.S. was a major factor in the COP26 conference.

The U.S. was unable to persuade China to increase its climate ambitions. The U.S. acquiesced to China’s demands to soften the call for coal. The U.S. was a major driver of the urgency at the talks and after the Trump administration, a conference is a must-attend event.

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